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How Plum Seed Oil, Once A Niche Product, Has Become A Food Ingredient That Fits All Menu Segments

Plum seed oil (huile vierge de prune) is a specialty oil from south west France pressed from seeds of d’agen prune plums. Our oil gained recognition after it won the golden prize at the 2002 SIAL Paris International Food Show. Plum oil is used to bring "an accent" to sauces and delicately perfumes vinaigrettes and bakery with an almond like aroma.

The Plum Country

Our farm is located in Pujols, South West France, famous for the typical architecture it inherited from the middle age when it was an important stop on the Way of St James.

Everything Old Is New Again

This pork was unlike anything I have ever had. The meat was succulent and falling apart with a skin so crisp that it snapped when you took a bite. The layer of fat behind the skin had transformed into a velvety layer of flavour.

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The Beauty Inside

For skin care companies, combining the good image of the plum fruit and some specifics on plum oil fatty acid composition is a winning formula.

Strawberry Soap

soap formulated with plum oil Virgin plum oil and mango butter for a designer soap

Plum Scented Solid Scrub

DIY scrub made with plum oil
Lush, UK.
Our scrubber was inspired by a tchaikovsky ballet

Prune Body Cream

amritara plum oil body cream from japan
Amritara, Japan.
Plum oil body cream in a spray bottle

Green Yuzu Soap

DIY green yuzu soap with plum oil All Handmade
Grated yuzu peels and virgin plum oil in a fragrant soap

Emollient Oil

plum oil specification datasheet graphic In cosmetics, plum kernel oil is sought for its emollient and moisturizing properties

English Custard Cream

english custard cream recipe with plum kernel oil Battre les oeufs et le sucre. Y ajouter la crème froide. Mettre en goutte à goutte l'huile d'amandons de prune.

Vichyssoise Soup Video

restaurant chef michel sarran from toulouse For the catalan chef Michel Sarran, a few drops of virgin plum oil can make the difference.

Plum Oil Ice Cream

journalist david lebovitz on plum oil ice cream Oil pressed from plum kernels has a deep bitter almond scent that I love. Aside from it , I marinated the cherries for a couple of days first in Metté eau-de-vie de cacao…

Tomato Ratatouille

japanese ratatouille plum oil Tomato ratatouille ice cubes flavored with virgin plum oil
The Crescent,Tokyo.

The Wow Factor

Dario Ranza enlighten his desserts with unique and original oils Daio Ranza adds a personal touch to its desserts with unique and original oils.
Villa Leopoldo Hotel, Lugano.

Restaurant Review

plum oil as featured in the best restaurants Toulouse, Tokyo, New-york, Berlin, Paris…
Plum kernel oil in restaurants

OCTAVE Ice Creams

octave ice cream perfumed with plum oil
It's Christmas time at OCTAVE : Plum oil ice cream under a blood orange coulis

Pierre Marcolini

chocolate chef pierre marcolini with plum oil marshmallow Plum oil flavoured marshmallows coated with a layer of pistachio paste

Essential Cuisine

essential cuisine recipe book by chef michel bras Essential Cuisine is about as far removed from being about basics as you can imagine…

Lazy Girl's Guide to Bakery

recipe book sugests replacing almond extract by plum oil Brownies here there and everywhere but how about blondies, their no chocolate version ?